Organize Your Marketing Message by Recycling

As a small business owner or manager you have several ways to promote your business. It could be at a networking event, while creating a postcard, listing your business online, sending emails or any other promotion. You probably feel frustrated trying to figure out what to say about your company each time.

One simple tip is to get your marketing message organized. Create a document where you can keep your message in one place and reuse it. Don’t recreate it every time you do a promotion, recycle it. Your time is money so by taking a little time to get organized and you can save time in the future, plus keep your company message consistent. As you bring out new products or offer new services you’ll want to tweak it but start by keeping it in one place.

Create a document that you and your staff can easily access. Make sure to include the following:

  • Company Name
  • Company Tagline
  • Company URL
  • Company Description – 250 words
  • Company Description – 500 words
  • List of Specialties
  • Company Keywords
  • Owner’s or Manager’s Personal Bio
  • Awards, Accolades or Quotes of Reference

Use this document keep your marketing message and don’t waste time by recreating it over and over again.

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