Search Engine Marketing – #smbiz Chat Recap

SearchThe following is a recap of the #smbiz Twitter chat on Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Anita Campbell (@smallbiztrends) and Matt McGee (@mattmcgee) were the special guest experts.

@smbiz Q1 Let’s start off with some basics. What is SEM? #smbiz

@smallbiztrends Q1: What is SEM? SEM is using the search engines to help your business get found online (that’s a layman’s definition). #SMBIZ

@robert_brady Q1: SEM includes organic efforts (SEO) and paid search (PPC) #SMBIZ

@mattmcgee Q1 Diff. people define it differently. To me it’s anything U do to be found via search. Mainly SEO & PPC, but social etc are related #smbiz

@smbiz Q2 What items should a small biz make sure to have in place before investing in SEM? #smbiz

@AaronWeiche Q1 – Whatever online method (blog, search, SM) you use to generate visibility in the search engines & traffic from search engines. #smbiz

@wvpmc @MattMcGee I think the SM contribution to SEM is an intersting addition to the mix #smbiz

@mattmcgee @wvpmc Agreed. They all play together. None of it exists in a vacuum. (it = online mktg. methods) #smbiz

@AaronWeiche Q2- Content & easy to use website that takes users from interest (their search) to answers (content) to next step (conversion) #smbiz

@robert_brady @wvpmc It will be interesting to see how SM affects organic search too (Twitter profiles ranking, etc.) #SMBIZ

@robert_brady Q2: Need to have some sort of conversion tracking to know successes and failures #SMBIZ

@mattmcgee Q2 Commitment, a plan, goals, a way to measure success/failure (analytics), a great product/service, and patience! #smbiz

@merylkevans @lyceum yes M is marketing. Different from SEO. Lot of confusion between the two #smbiz

@SternalMrktg @robert_brady I’ve already started to see some tweets show up as pingbacks on blog. Very curious 2 see if tweets will help rank 1 day #smbiz

@smbiz Q3 What are some of the first things you can do to start Search Engine Marketing? #smbiz

@AaronWeiche Search continues to increase its real estate: not just web pages but PDFs, video, news, images, forum, blogs, tweets= more SEM tools. #smbiz

@robert_brady Q3: PPC (I’m biased I know) is a great place to start. Fast, affordable and measurable. Use as reasearch for SEO efforts. #SMBIZ

@smallbiztrends Q3: To start search engine marketing, develop with worthy content. Always a good starting point. PPC ads are fast, too. #SMBIZ

@robert_brady @SternalMrktg Lots of SM will increase links. Diggs, Stumbles, Tweets. But how will search engines handle them is the better question #SMBIZ

@mattmcgee Q3 Hmmm. Specifics might depend on industry/location. But a small budget PPC account and dealing with low-hanging SEO fruit (more…) #smbiz

@mattmcgee Q3 (cont.) would be a good place to start for most. #smbiz

@JoGolden @robert_brady Sometimes I search different blog posts or tweets on diff search engines to get some organic input #smbiz

@mattmcgee Q3 Local businesses can also start with adding/claiming local listings in Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yelp, etc. #smbiz

@smbiz Q4 Where can you go to research the best keywords you should be using in your SEM? #smbiz

@smallbiztrends @robert_brady Getting dugg and tweeted increase the chances of someone finding and linking to your content. #SMBIZ

@mattmcgee Q4 Google Keyword Tool –… #smbiz

@SternalMrktg Q4 I love looking up terms on Google’s Keyword Tool – #smbiz

@robert_brady Q4: Google for starters –… or #SMBIZ

@mattmcgee Q4 Google search-based keyword tool – #smbiz

@mattmcgee Q4 Keyword Discovery – http://www.keyworddiscovery… #smbiz

@robert_brady Q3: I second @MattMcGee on local listings. Easy, free and search engines are featuring them more and more often these days #SMBIZ

@smallbiztrends Q4: Where to go to research keywords to start search engine marketing?  #SMBIZ

@mattmcgee Q4 There are lots of keyword tools out there, but those are the 3 I tend to use most. And SEOBook tool, too – #smbiz

@SternalMrktg Q4 What is the difference betwn Google’s Keyword Tool and Keyword Discovery Tools? #smbiz

@AaronWeiche @MattMcGee Great point on local listings & small biz’s claiming them. is a great tool for that! #smbiz

@mattmcgee @lyceum Q4 – Best to read the Google help page for that info, too much to explain in 140 characters #smbiz

@JoGolden @robert_brady: @MattMcGee local listings. Loaded Web is good too–organized geographically Local listings matter #SMBIZ

@SternalMrktg Do any of these tools offer diff benefits or all the same? #smbiz

@mattmcgee @SternalMrktg Q4 Google has better data. :) But I like both. KD has cool “questions” tool, lets you see terms used in Qs on SEs #smbiz

@TJMcCue Q4: I’ve used before. Sort of an aggregator of keyword tools. #smbiz

@smbiz Q5 What about Local Search Marketing, do u need that if u sell nationally? #smbiz

@AaronWeiche Q5. I think so. I can only see more options/improvements to local search, allowing for some national or open play in it. . #smbiz

@SternalMrktg Q5 I think Local can only helo you not hurt. Takes a few minutes to set up and ur locals can find you. #smbiz

@mattmcgee Q5 On PPC side, sure. On SEO side, the system is setup for biz’s with physical address. If you sell nationally, but (more…) #smbiz

@TJMcCue Q5: If national, and you have local offices, it can be a big help to put that office and reps on the map. #smbiz

@mattmcgee Q5 (cont.) are based in one place, you can’t have listings other than your physical location. (Unless U want to try UR hand at spam.) #smbiz

@smallbiztrends Q5: Even if a national company, I find it helps to raise visibility and reputation locally. Local credibility only helps. #SMBIZ

@smbiz Q6 Where should small business go to set up Local Search? #smbiz

@SternalMrktg @MattMcGee I have to believe getting placement on Local which shows on top of Google search is good, even if it’s only to smaller # #smbiz

@robert_brady Q6: Start with the basics of Google, Yahoo and MSN/Live/Bing #SMBIZ

@TJMcCue @SternalMrktg I love KW research too. Google’s tool is so awesome. #smbiz

@mattmcgee Q6 Most local searching happens on main search engines, not on maps sites, city guide sites, etc. So you start w/Google, Yahoo, Bing. #smbiz

@SternalMrktg @TJMcCue Google keyword tools are so helpful, I try to use them weekly for determining content as well as mrktg #smbiz

@mattmcgee Q6 And (mentioned earlier) is a great place to start claiming your local search listings on G, Y, B. #smbiz

@SternalMrktg Q6 Try Google Local Business Center to get started #smbiz

@smbiz Q7 What other things should a small business do to promote their website online and increase traffic? #smbiz

@robert_brady Q7: Even if you don’t leverage them, owning your brand on multiple SM sites helps (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) #SMBIZ

@TJMcCue Q7:  I found this service useful. #smbiz

@SternalPR Q7 Have good content, promote content thru stumble, reddit, etc. and promote on diff linkedin groups. #smbiz

@SternalMrktg Q7 Use social networking to build relationships with prospects and customers. Also try sharing info on niche social news sites #smbiz

@mattmcgee Q7 Use social media to connect with people, develop relationships, etc. No diff. than joining the Chamber of Commerce. #smbiz

@TJMcCue @robert_brady — I agree with you. I’ve seen Twitter and Facebook profiles elevate a company’s profile and rank. #smbiz

@SternalPR Q7 also consider participating in others’ blogs and chats to become a part of their convo, driving interest & traffic to ur site. #smbiz

@smallbiztrends Q7: Don’t overlook commenting on blogs and being visible wherever you can online. The more people bump into your brand, the better. #SMBIZ

@tmcconnon Q7: Make sure to consider local search! Geo-targeting your keywords in SEO can be a big difference-maker #smbiz

@CHRulloda Q7: Request user reviews both in person and in email correspondence after the sale. #SMBIZ

@smbiz Q8 Any resources you can share for more info about SEM? (Feel free to be self promotional with resources and link to your sites) #smbiz

@lyceum @smbiz Re. Q8 I will do a plug for a guy I am working with. Check out @CharlieBloom He has worked with SEM for a long time. #smbiz

@mattmcgee Q8 is an obvious one. :) #smbiz

@CHRulloda Q8: Read @MattMcGee’s blog – http://www.smallbusinesssem… . :) #smbiz

@mattmcgee Q8 also the “How To” columns. (I work there: disclosure.) #smbiz

@merylkevans Q8 Article on SEO and SEM careers explains difference Http:// #smbiz

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  1. blog tips says:

    i love the tiwtter chats ;)

  2. NZ says:

    These days, Twitter is growing at dramatic speed. It is becoming increasingly popular and influential. It is even used to perform normal searches.

  3. Sky says:

    Nowadays, no company could actually afford to go without online marketing approaches such as email marketing or ads on social networks.

  4. Sky says:

    I think, in the modern society, few companies could afford to go without proper online stratety.
    Branding and being on top of search engines are actually tied up these days.


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