Postling Makes Managing Small Business Social Media Easy

postlingIf I made a statement saying small business owners and entrepreneurs were pressed for time, I might just win the understatement-of-the-year award. If I followed that up by saying most now view social media and social networking as important to their business I wouldn’t fare much better.

But it is, and they do.

The problem is, it turns out few small businesses have a lot of time to dedicate towards nurturing their social networking platforms and accounts. I’m not saying this is the right way to go. But I am saying it’s reality. might actually have an interesting solution and one that should be looked into. Let’s face it, there are many wonderful aspects of social media. If there’s one part that serves as a turn-off to many small business owners, it’s all the “excess noise” that comes with social networking; all the outside chatter. Being a part of the virtual cocktail party is wonderful because you are exposed to many different conversations and voices. But some of those have little to do with you or your business.

Some people jump into social media and become rock stars. But others (like small businesses) want to dip their toes in the pool. They can’t jump in all the way because running a business means they have 150 different pools to visit each day and they just can’t spend all day swimming in one pool.

Postling is an easy way for entrepreneurs and small businesses to manage many of their social media accounts, schedule updates, email alerts and even track their online reputation. It only takes a few minutes throughout the day and small businesses only get the alerts, messages and updates that are relevant and important to them and their business.

Check out this video review by Denise O’Berry:

Entrepreneurs can connect all of their social media accounts from popular sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Yelp, CitySearch, etc.). A daily email alert will also provide small businesses with the updates that matter only to them. Here are some features:

–Dashboard shows small business owners their most recent comments, reviews and web-tracking results.
–Scheduling makes it easy to manage multiple social media platforms with one click.
–Sleep better knowing you will wake up with an email recapping activity over the past 24 hours.
–Respond seamlessly right from your email alerts so you don’t need to log-in to any specific platforms.
–Track your online reputation from Yelp and CitySearch with the click of a button.

What are your thoughts? Would a service like Postling help your small business manage its social media strategies? Please leave a comment below.

Chrisanne Sternal is the CEO and founder of Sternal Consulting, helping businesses and entrepreneurs develop and implement effective marketing and PR programs that increase traffic and sales. For questions email chrisanne [at] sternalconsulting dot com.

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  1. Vena Jensen says:

    Thank you Chrisanne and Brittany for the excellent social media dashboard suggestions. I love social media but I love working my business even more!

  2. Brittany says:

    Hi Chrisanne,

    Very true – small businesses are strapped for time as it is, without the added necessity of engaging in social media. Sprout Social is another social media dashboard that helps small businesses monitor and manage their social media accounts efficiently. Definitely worth a test drive as well!

    - Brittany

  3. AdzZoo Todd says:

    I don’t think there is any really answer to managing so many social media platforms. In order to reap the benefits of using them for marketing purposes and not just presence, it is necessary to really “work” one or two and focus on how they relate to your target market. It takes time, dedication, and discipline to use any of them effectively. Its no different than starting relationships in the real world…it takes time and effort, but it can be rewarding for sure. People think there are short cuts and quick fixes because something is online….its actually quite the contrary.

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